ITC Certified Desktop Publisher

ITC Certified Desktop Publisher

Office 2010

Desktop publishing (abbreviated DTP) is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a personal computer. This course introduces you to the most popular software’s such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Certified candidates will demonstrate ability to create visual communications, graphics for commercial digital printing, printing on a printing press, or for desktop printing at home or at the work place applying formulas and functions and creating charts and objects etc.

Introduction of Word
1 Start screen or Start menu
2 Basic Of Word
Title Bar
User Interface
About Ribbon
Introducing Key Tips
The Quick Access Toolbar
Save a document in Word
The Ruler
Show or hide the rulers
Count the number of words in a document
3 Basic Navigation
See the document structure
Browse by headings
4 About Text
Typing Text
Using the Font group on the Home tab
Change Case
Text Effects and Typography
Formatting Text
Applying Character Formatting
Line and Paragraph Spacing
Adding Columns
Adding column breaks
Inserting and Deleting Comments
5 Page Layout
Page Orientation
Page Size
Adding, Formatting, and Removing Page Numbers
Adding and Deleting a Cover Page
Inserting and Deleting Page Borders
Adding and Deleting Watermarks
6 Headers & Footers
To insert a preset header or footer
7 Tabs & Indent
Adding Tabs
Indenting text
Indent markers
The tab selector
8 Tables & Charts
About Table
Inserting and Deleting Tables
Inserting, Editing, and Deleting Charts
Table of contents (TOC)
9 Insert & Formating Images
Inserting and Deleting Clip Art
Inserting and Deleting Images Saved on Your Computer
Inserting, Citing, and Deleting Images Found Online
10 Text Boxes and Word Art
Text Boxes and Word Art
Modifying text boxes
3D effects
Creating WordArt
Formatting Pictures
Image adjustments
Compressing pictures
Removing the background from an image
Creating drop caps with the Custom Image bullets
11 Print
Print a document
Introduction Of Coral Draw
1 Vector Graphic and Bitmaps
2 Basic Of Corel
Basic user interface
Creating new pages
3 Drawing shapes
Polygons and Stars
Complex Star
Graph Paper
4 Basic Navigation
Previewing drawings
5 Object Selection
Transformation of Object
6 About color
Filling Object
Choosing colors
Applying fountain fills
7 About Curve
Editing of Nodes
Freehand and Poly line tools
2-point Line tool
Bezier and Pen tools
B-Spline tool
3-Point Curve tool
Artistic media Tool
Lines and outlines
8 Tools
Shapes Tool
Power clip Tool
Envelope Tool
9 Effects In Corel Draw
Giving 3d Effect
Drop shadow
To create an extrusion
Applying Perspective
Transparency Tool
Contour effect
Blend shape Tool
10 Text And Layers
Text Tool
About Text
Inserting Drop caps
Text Statics
Text Wrap
Linking Text
Layers in CorelDraw
11 Inserting Page
To Add, duplicate, renaming, and deleting pages
12 Files Formats
CorelDraw (CDR)
Encapsulated PostScript ( EPS)
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
13 About Bitmaps
Color Modes
14 Print
General Tab
Introduction of Photoshop
1 Working with Images
2 Color Theory
Additive Color Model
Subtractive Color Model
Converting from RGB to CMYK
3 Color Model
Color Modes
Launching Photoshop
4 User Interface Of Photoshop
Browsing for Files
Opening an Image
Creating a New Image
5 Basic Navigation
History State
6 Selection
Rectangular Marquee Tool
Elliptical Marquee Tool
Optional Panel
Lasso Tool
Polygonal Lasso Tool
Magnetic Lasso Tool
Quick Selection
Magic Wand Tool
7 Layers In Photoshop
Layers Panel
Advanced options to blend
8 Layer Masking
9 Tools
Clone Stamp Tool
Color Replacement Tool
Red-Eye Tool
Dodge and Burn Tools
Sponge Tool
Blur Tool
Sharpen Tool
Smudge Tool
10 Text
Type Tools
Character Panel
Working with the Paragraph Panel
Editing Text
11 Channels in Photoshop
Merging Channels
12 Paths
Creating Path
13 Color Correction
Brightness & Contrast
Photo Filter
14 Filters
Apply a filter from the Filter menu
Apply a filter from the Filter menu Filter Gallery
15 Brushes
Brushes Tool
16 Print
Introduction of Illustrator
1 Basic of Illustrator
Basic user inter face of illustrator
Creating New page
2 Navigation
Basic Navigation of illustrator
Control panel
Zoom in or out
Move the view area
Navigator panel overview
3 Tools of Illustrator
Basic shape Tools
Selection Tools
Transformation Tools
4 Layers of Illustrator
About layers
Create a new layer
Delete objects
5 Drawing Tool of Illustrator
Drawing Tool
Adding Anchor Points
Delete a segment
Smooth and simplify paths
Erase artwork
6 Text Tool of Illustrator
Type Tool
Wrap text around an object
7 Color
About Digital Color
About selecting colors
8 Patterns And Painting
Create pattern swatches
About Live Paint
9 Brushes
About brushes
Create a brush
New Brush options
10 Masking And Effects
Blended objects
Create a 3D object by revolving
Applying filters and effects to bitmap images
11 Slice In Illustrator
About slice
Optimizing images
12 Import And Export
Importing files
Exporting artwork
13 Save And Print
About saving and exporting artwork
About Adobe PDF
About color separations
Introduction to Indesign
1 Basics of InDesign
Basic User Interface
Creating New document
Number of pages
2 Basic Navigation
Basic Navigation
Colour palette
3 Drawing In InDesign
Drawing in InDesign
Stroke panel options
Define custom stroke styles
Apply corner effects
4 Add Pages
Pages and spreads
Pages panel
Add new pages to a document
Master Pages
Creating master page
Edit the layout of a master
5 Layers
Layer options
Page numbering
6 Text
Adding Text
Threading text
Importing Text into an InDesign
Control text flow when placing text
First baseline offset options
Editing text
Creating Type Paths
Kerning and tracking
7 Tables, Headers & Footers
To Edit Tables
8 Table Of Contents
Creating Table of contents
Working with markers
Introduction of Page Maker
1 User Interface
Using the toolbox
2 Pagesn
Viewing pages
Moving between pages
Correcting mistakes
Creating 8 publication from scratch
Setting up pages
Using Master pages
Using the zero point
Nonprinting guides
Setting up ruler guides
To place a ruler guide
To remove a ruler guide
To remove all ruler guides at once
To lock or unlock ruler guides
To make objects align to the ruler increments
Numbering pages
3 Working with Text and Graphics
Working with Text and Graphics
Creating text blocks
Formatting text
4 About Object
Duplicating an object
Control palette basics
Grouping and ungrouping objects
Locking objects
Aligning and distributing objects
Rotating an object
Reflecting an object
Skewing an object
5 Print
Printing in PageMaker

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